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Twenty five years ago, a friend came to the Counseling and Enrichment Center in O'Neill and was complaining about a four year old whose behavior was totally uncontrollable. I began laughing because the child was not my client and I did not have to worry about it. My laughing helped; I am not sure how. After she left, I began to tear up because I wondered who had the therapeutic expertise to help kids like him. Thus began my passionate mission to learn the therapy that could help these kids.  I signed up that very day for a two-week intensive training at the Attachment Center in Evergreen, Colorado.  

Through the years, new knowledge in neuro-science has changed the techniques that help these kids. Clients get healed, and much faster. This work is so important because our prisons are filled with grown up kids who did not get the help they needed. 

I am getting old. That happens. As a result, I have made it my new mission to develop a family of therapists across the state of Nebraska who share my passion. Lord willing, this work will continue long after I am gone. I have had my therapists trained and certified in Attachment Focused Trauma Therapy by Dr. Art Becker-Weidman.  All our therapist are  trained in Brain Spotting.  Get to know our therapists under the OUR THERAPIST tab.

Fifteen years ago I had a teen on my case-load that had been moved to 27 different foster homes. Once again, I began to tear up. I must cry a lot. I vowed I would form a foster care agency where kids did not move. That’s how Building Blocks for Community Enrichment was formed.  

Building Blocks now covers 42 counties in the state of Nebraska where kids have a high rate of permanency. Check them out at their web site 

In the last couple of years Counseling and Enrichment has also added skill building within the home, family services, tracking and drug testing. Our goal is to keep kids in their home.

For all of this, I give thanks again to God and my staff that has made it happen. Counseling and Enrichment Center Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling 

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Jackie Meyer, Founde and Executive Director Counseling and Enrichment Center Nebraska
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