Home Based Services - Right To Your Door


Our home-based counselors deliver counseling services right to your door when therapeutic services are otherwise inaccessible due to distance, travel, time, expense, and/or availability.  In today’s hectic world, home-based therapy provides hope and healing in the least-intrusive most-effective ways.  We can provide quality mental health counseling where it is most needed, to the under-served when traveling to the big city is a burden.  Counseling and Enrichment home-based clientele have therapy sessions provided for them in local schools, their own private homes, hospitals, nursing homes or any other mutually agreed upon location of the client’s choice. Allow us to relieve you of the burden of visiting a brick and mortar building miles away.

Allow us to relieve you of the stress of spending extra dollars on gasoline every week. We can bring hope and healing to you or any of your family members in the comfort of your own home, school or neighborhood.  Anywhere you are, we can be there too. We will walk with you for awhile in your journey through life; offering you hope and solutions when the road ahead looks hopeless and life seems difficult.

Call us individually or the home office 1-800-689-0945 or 402-336-4841.   

You may also email admin@counselingec.com.

Our mission is to give hope.

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