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Offering Hope by recognizing the Cause and Resolving the Symptoms

The Counseling & Enrichment Center -Trauma Services


Are struggles like depression, anxiety, chronic pain, inability to sleep at night or grief plaguing your family?  Are you having problems in your marriage or is your child's unmanageable behavior making your home an unhappy place? Are you struggling with a past trauma? We are here to help.  Help is lasting because we repair the cause, not just treat the symptoms. 

Did you know that a developing brain is vulnerable and is directly affected  by adverse childhood experiences.  When a child does not FEEL SAFE, the resulting behavior may include ADHD, post traumatic stress disorder, sleep problems, oppositional behavior, learning disabilities, anger/aggression and attachment disorder. 

These behaviors require a unique kind of therapy; one that most of our professionals know inside and out. They have the knowledge, skills, personal experiences and specialized professional training to deal with the turbulence caused by childhood trauma. They know how to bring peace back to a family that is struggling with behaviors that seem outside their control.  We bring hope to families.


Remember we do more than just help with trauma and attachment.  We can help with all types of  issues  you may facing.  We know these struggles can affect your mental and physical health and can also affect the length of your life.  We want to work with you through these trials and help you get back to the life you deserve. 


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