We at Counseling and Enrichment give hope to people suffering from a full array of issues including anxiety, depression, marriage and family problems. Our people are trained in trauma and attachment.

It is so exciting to be part of an agency where the staff is eager  to  learn the latest research in brain science and apply it to their daily work.   One can not adequately do  mental health counseling without knowing how the brain functions. 

I may be the director, but my staff are the ones who make the agency.  We have an agency where staff work together to give hope to so many.   We have a family of therapists who love to come to work and make a difference in the lives of their clients.  It is not work for them, it is a mission. 

I personally see very few clients.  Much of my time  is spent doing training.  I travel nationally to help families understand trauma and attachment. 

Jackie Meyer, LIMHP

Counseling and Enrichment Center - O'Neill, Norfolk, Verdigre, Sioux City, Kearney, Northeast Nebraska

jackie@counselingec.com | 402.340.5877

Jackie Meyer LIMHP - Counseling and Enrichment Center Nebraska